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Shell Rotella Value Report

Like you, Shell Lubricants understands the need to continually improve efficiencies and reduce costs. There are many ways Shell Lubricants can add value as a business partner and help reduce your Total Cost of Operation. Below are two options to help you start thinking about how you can save with Rotella, but consider these CVPs as well:

  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Maintenance savings through efficiency and long-lasting protection
  • Increased equipment and component life
  • Improved Employee knowledge through comprehensive training programs

For a complete, personalized view of how Shell Lubricant Solutions can add value to your operation, please go to: https://www.shell.us/business-customers/lubricants-for-business/b2b-technical-experts-form.html

option 1

Less Complexity but not as much fuel savings

Stick with one CK-4 licensed engine oil for all your trucks. Easy, right? And good news – The following Shell Rotella® Heavy Duty Engine Oils meet or exceed API CK-4 performance:

  • Shell Rotella® T3 Fleet 15W-40
  • Shell Rotella® T4 10W-30
  • Shell Rotella® T4 15W-40
  • Shell Rotella® T5 10W-30
  • Shell Rotella® T5 15W-40
  • Shell Rotella® T6 5W-40
  • Shell Rotella® T6 15W-40
  • Shell Rotella® T6 Multi-Vehicle 5W-30
option 2

A little bit more complexity, but get the most fuel savings

You plan on buying post-2016 trucks, meaning about % of your fleet may be eligible to use API FA-4 engine oil.

Use API CK-4 licensed engine oil for your pre-2017 trucks and API FA-4 engine oil for your post-2016 trucks.

FA-4 engine oils, like Shell Rotella® T5 Ultra 10W-30, can have additional fuel economy benefits over CK-4 engine oils. The amount of fuel economy benefit is still undefined, but even small improvements (as low as 0.5%, for example) can save your fleet money. A 0.5% savings, in this example, could contribute in fuel savings across your fleet given 2018's average diesel price of !